When you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you have heard it all. To save you the time and trouble, here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

We aim to provide rich customer experiences, based on critical, real-time information. The thoughtful evolution of our methods over the last 3 decades allows us to compile, analyze, and correlate data about thousands of colleges and each student's needs and desires.

BOTH! The advanced technology of MATCHFIT® is designed to deliver accurate college matches for athletes and non-athletes alike. Based on financial, educational, and personal factors, any college-bound student can make a meaningful connection in seconds.

We started publishing The Official Athletic College Guide books in 1989. After many years of printing annually updated versions in 23 different sports, we finally decided to save some trees and stop printing books. Now, all of the great information from the books, and much more, is now accessible through our online platform, MATCHFIT®. However, we do also offer custom printed products for customers.

We don’t charge an arm and a leg for a chance to be recognized. We are very affordable and as opposed to focusing on your athletic career we want you to get your college degree. We help build your resume and allow you to take standardized tests as much as you need in order to get into the program that you want. We even offer college counseling before you even get into college,we help build your resume so that you can get the job that you want. We aim to help students and families, that’s all we really want.

That’s a good question, there is a limit to what we can do by college regulations but we can help students find which college is a good fit for them, we can help them with the little details as they take the next steps towards a new chapter in their lives. We are doing our best to prove that we are educators as well. We follow all the rules and regulations while ensuring that you or your child have the best opportunities available to them.


Since 1989, The Sport Source® has invested over 30 years in building one of the world’s most admired brands. Customer trust and convenience have been core values since day one, all the way back to our beginnings. This commitment to service has driven innovations in how we help students and families, from The Official College Guide books all the way up to the modern cutting-edge technology of MATCHFIT®.

The Sport Source® is transforming college admission and recruiting for the digital age by redefining what it means to link, share, and connect. We redefine it by being so real-time and in-the-know that we can anticipate what students and athletes need in the right college opportunity, and where to find it.

Today's competitive landscape is unlike any before it, fueled by recruiting services and start-ups, often charging thousands of dollars and employing dubious tactics to take advantage of families' desires to navigate the college maze. The Sport Source® has never wavered in our time-tested proven approach to match students with the right college, all for minimal costs to families.

Never afraid to re-invent ourself, we are very proud of our services and community efforts, and it is our belief that they will help bring our next generations lasting success and a bright futures.