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Since 1989, The Sport Source® been helping student-athletes connect to college opportunities with guaranteed results.

We are customer obsessed. It is what inspires us to look for new ways to help families save money and seamlessly connect to college options and opportunities.

The Sport Source® has been a cornerstone in the college recruitment process since the 1980s. In addition to our educational tools, we also host an annual soccer Showcase event, as we have for over 30 years, to allow thousands of student-athletes facetime with collegiate coaches. As times change so do we. While continuing our quest to help athletes with college recruitment, we are now able to broaden our focus to provide ALL students with access to finding the perfect college for them to succeed. We want every individual to be able to receive a well-rounded education.

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Thanks to The Sport Source® and MATCHFIT®, I found my perfect fit to pursue my academic and athletic dreams. I am college bound!
I Am College Bound
They really are the experts when it comes to college admissions and sports. They helped me, and they can help you too.
A recruiting service told me that if I spend $5,000 with them, my family will save upwards of $80,000 on tuition over four years. Upon hearing this, my son's coach suggested The Sport Source®, and he was was so right! They give me incredible advice on the entire process, and I saved $4,851 by signing up for MATCHFIT®. It worked so well that I sent that lady at The Sport Source® flowers!
The Sport Source® can help students & student-athletes of all abilities make an educated decision on where to continue their educations and playing careers.


The Platform For Students & Student-Athletes

It is simple and easy to connect instantly to the right college and career programs with MATCHFIT®.

By pairing our step-by-step proven approach with advanced technology and an unrivaled database of thousands of two-year and four-year accredited colleges, finding your dream school has never been easier! 

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College Matches & Favorites

Using our industry-leading database of colleges and universities throughout the USA and Canada, MATCHFIT® True-Fit Technology automatically matches students to schools based on their own unique characteristics and preferences. Mark your favorites to build your own list of dream schools!

Make College Connections

Students can instantly connect with admissions or athletics contacts at any college, while MATCHFIT® tracks and logs each interaction. Maximize college opportunities and minimize stress by keeping open and organized lines of communication with all of your potential college destinations.

Build Your Resume

MATCHFIT® automatically takes your information and turns it into a professionally formatted student resume, with all of the information that college admissions officers and/or coaches would want to see. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Introduce yourself in style, and look the part from the very start!

Track Your Academics

Plug in your coursework, grades, and standardized test scores to keep a "virtual transcript" for tracking your academic progress. If you want to play college sports, MATCHFIT® will instantly let you know what you still need to accomplish to become eligible to play as a freshman in both NCAA and NAIA.




Dallas, Texas — Est. 1989

The Original Showcase Event

Each December, The Sport Source® hosts Showcase Games and a College ID Clinic for youth soccer teams and players from across the USA and all over the world to show their talents in hopes of being recruited to play soccer at the collegate level. With our reknowned hospitality and the opportunity to observe thousands of potential recruits, it is no wonder that after 3 decades, The Sport Source® Showcase & Clinic continues to draw hundreds of college soccer coaches from around the country to Dallas, Texas, to enjoy the original soccer Showcase event.

Hundreds Of

College Coaches

Each year, over 200 college soccer coaches make the trip to The Sport Source® Showcase & Clinic to recruit aspiring student-athletes, representing NCAA Divisions I, II, & III, NAIA, NCCAA, and NJCAA programs.

Loads Of

 Awesome Teams 

The Showcase attracts local, state, regional, national, ODP, and international teams to play games in front of scores of college soccer coaches. The event is open to all high school aged teams.

Thousands Of

Talented Players

In addition to those participating in Showcase games, the College ID Clinic is open to all players, ages 14 to 19. Our talent pool is always full of ambitious student-athletes, hungry to be recruited.

Mark your calendar for the first weekend of December!